If someone were to ask me, "What do you want to do in life?"; my answer would be "Spinning tales, magnificent tales that would spread their wings in the minds of even the staunchest critics. Tales that would be beautiful, ugly, pleasing, displeasing, joyous, sad, liberating, horrifying, all at once... Tales that would make wide-eyed children out of adults and mesmerize them with every word. Tales that would speak of the past, as if it still exists. And why not? Because, the past would indeed live on through my tales. Tales that would create the future, as if I've seen it! Yes, the future too would be as clear as day for each and everyone who read my tales. All these because, life is to celebrate our existence as we are this time, and to create something that would inspire awe in us the next time we are born here. To create beauty as long as we are here, and to leave with smiling hearts and singing souls that would testify that we have left the universe one shade brighter.